•  Landlord  Services 

What A Plus Management will do for owners:

    We will ensure that your property is consistently occupied with qualified tenants through extensive screening of all applicants, verifying adequate income, credit worthiness, and obtaining current and past rental references directly from landlords. 

  We will keep your vacancies to a minimum, coordinate all maintenance projects, verify the integrity of the work performed, and negotiate the most competitive price, obtaining multiple bids when appropriate. 

  We will collect rents in a timely manner, serve late notices, or other notices as required, and follow up with Unlawful Detainer procedures and court appearances, as appropriate.   We will provide you with monthly reports, periodically schedule interior maintenance assessments and provide you with written reports regarding the condition of your property. 

  We will evaluate the rental market to determine if your property is due for rent increases and serve the tenants accordingly.  Yet, we will suggest when we feel rents remain stable for a long-term tenant, rather than risk a vacancy and turn-over costs.  These suggestions will be discussed with you near the end of current leases or periodically when tenants are on a monthly agreement.

We pledge to keep in touch, so you'll still feel connected to your investment property.      We are committed to building value for our investor clients.


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